History of the Footfest festival

The main idea of ​​this festival originated in 2003, with the name of the main sponsor "SLAP CUP". Then the football place was reconstructed and the next seasion was in 2007. In 2008 was a first concert with the local music bands and in 2009 we are constructing a culture part of festival and settle down the name of festival – FOOTFEST. It is mean communion of music, sport and culture. In 2010 the festival become a two-days event with a first big Czech bands and first band from abroad – Sweden. In the next few years we were still improving services and the face of the festival to bring you the best enjoyment. You can see more bands, more stage and better accompanying program year by year. Football cup is still important part of festival. 10. jubilee season has been visited by over the 3000 people. Visit rate is bigger and bigger every year. Last season was very important from the organizational point of view. We are improving communication, ideas, fun for the whole family, services, tent area, stage and more bands. The visit rate is about 5000 people every single day. This year 2019 was very successful season. The best Czech bands, music bands from abroad, for example SKA-P or The Carburetors, re Cup, Cashless system, the best servises for our visitors, tasty food festival, children ´s zone and even more. Thank you for your favor!